'Justice League' DP Says Zack Snyder Shot A "Fair Bit Of Stuff" Not In Final Film

The Justice League he said/she said stories continue this week with director of photography Fabian Wagner now adding director Zack Snyder shot a "fair" amount of content before Joss Whedon took over which didn't make the film's final cut.

"It's hard to say because Zack obviously left so early," Wagner prefaces the differences which came to Justice League while talking to Collider. "I never got to see the final cut that Zack had done, if he ever had done a final cut—I think he might have done, but I'm not sure. So it's hard for me to say what was actually in his cut. But I know that we shot a fair bit of stuff which unfortunately isn't in the final film. But obviously they wanted to get down to a certain length that's good for the cinema. For me, I think Zack is a great storyteller and he takes his time with his movies and I always loved his cuts and his director's cuts especially, which are obviously longer. So I guess unfortunately there wasn't the time to put all of those things that we shot into the final film."

As for whether or not there is anything specific about Snyder's original vision which Wagner was hoping to see, the cinematographer says there are "a few."

"I think there's a few," Wagner said. "Like I said, you know one thing for example is the shot of Batman on the gargoyle, which was a great scene and a wonderful setup of introducing him. But there were a few scenes that we did which didn't make it, but I guess that's the way it goes with those kinds of movies. Some scenes make it and some scenes don't."


Justice League is currently playing in theaters, blending the visions of directors Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon on the big screen.