'The Flash's Ezra Miller Jokes About 'Batman v Superman' Martha Scene

How does Ezra Miller know that name?!

While doing a group interview for Justice League, the cast of the film was asked which other characters in the team they'd like to play. Ezra Miller, who portrays The Flash, was the very last actor to answer the question and he used the opportunity to tear down the infamous "Martha" scene from Batman v Superman.

"I'd probably go Batman [or] Superman," Miller says in the video above. The actor then teased that, by playing those characters, he could get in a fight with himself. He jokingly slaps his own face, as if those two are fighting one another. One eventually gives in, and Miller yells, "Martha! Martha!"

Those who watched Batman v Superman know that this is a great play on the scene in the movie that left many viewers with a bad taste in their mouths. During the climax, as Batman and Superman are fighting to the death, Bruce Wayne has his opponent against the ropes. The fights stops however, when Superman tells Batman to "save Martha." Since Martha was also the name of Bruce's mother, it causes the hero to step down and consider how human Superman really is.

Let's be honest, the sentiment was there, but it's proven to be way more effective as a punchline than as the serious, movie-changing moment it was designed to be.

Judging by the laugh that echoed from the stomachs of the entire Justice League cast after Miller's joke, it seems like they feel the same way about Martha that most of us do: A little sad that it exists, but glad that we can chuckle about it now.