'Justice League': Fan Reactions to Early Partial Screening

To accompany the launch of Justice League's worldwide press tour in China, fans were treated to an early screening of thirty minutes of footage, giving them a first look at about a quarter of Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's finished film.

SPOILER WARNING: This story might contain what some believe to be spoilers for the film Justice League. The below early reactions are all safe from plot points but we wanted to put this warning up just in case. Proceed with caution.

Reactions have been very positive so far on social media, although the sample size is limited and the fan-driven nature of the event skews toward positive reactions to begin with.

One particularly prolific Twitter user makes up about half of all the social media traffic on the topic of the screening in English-language Twitter. The user, whose display name is "Fiona is all in," a reference to one of the movie's taglines, tweeted shortly after the screening ended that "all the people in the theater went crazy."

Another user, who goes by Winter Wonderland, called the sampling, "30 minutes of a mostly well executed plan," adding, "I can still very much feel Zack Snyder [at] work."

That user enthusiastically praised the score and cinematography, and called some of the character beats "interesting." Additionally, she went on to praise Ezra Miller's performance as "freaking funny" and wrote that Gal Gadot "is such a queen."

The element most likely to get attention is a paragraph (translated by Fiona, but not her writing) said to be from a Chinese media account of the screening.

The write-up called it “absolutely the most mature work of the DCEU…so far. In this film, they explored the deepest possibility of this cinematic universe.”

It also says that each hero has a “brilliant moment” and that the film balanced its big cast well and maintained a positive attitude while still attempting to explore the heady topics of humanity and divinity that have been creeping into Snyder’s work since Man of Steel.


“We don’t get to see [Superman] in the footage, but his spirit [is] inspiring others through the whole thing,” it says.

Justice League will be in theaters on November 17th.

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