Justice League Star Ray Fisher Calls Out Warner Media's Accountability Following Investigation

Ray Fisher is calling out WarnerMedia's accountability following the Justice League Investigation. This is just the latest moment of the Cyborg actor asking for an apology from the company's management as it pertains to Joss Whedon's treatment of the cast and crew of the film. Fisher believes that he is owed an apology from the company's executives after the events of the past few months. The star especially singles out Walter Hamada as a figure that should be announcing these measures. Things have not died down on the DC film hero's end of things in the last few months. He's still trying to get a concrete message from the studio about his accusations and those from others involved with the film. It remains unclear if that will be forthcoming anytime soon.

On Twitter the Cyborg actor wrote, "They let Tsujihara "step down". They allowed Whedon to "exit". They've closed ranks to protect Emmerich, Johns, and Hamada. They've admitted to publicly releasing false information and refuse to apologize. Accountability is not @WarnerMedia's strong suit. Onward. A>E"

During Justice Con last week, Fisher talked about the possibility of still appearing in The Flash. In his opinion, that could only come after an apology and an acknowledgment of wrongdoing. But, he doesn't have his hopes up for such a move because of the nature of big business.

"I don't really expect anything, right? Particularly dealing with large corporations," Fisher told the audience. "They will oftentimes find a way to defy whatever expectation you may have. But, I think where we could start is an acknowledgment and an apology of what is clearly, publicly known to be an untruth. Then, we can see where it goes from there. We can have that conversation, but I think that's where the accountability begins. It's us being able to come to the table and say, 'These are the things that happened, let's go ahead and try…' There seems to be this sort of narrative, I don't know why it is, but there's this thing that if you apologize it denotes weakness."

"I have to apologize for things all the time. Right? Ultimately, it shows, 'hey, I understand what the situation is.' I'm willing to talk about that. If its something folks are willing to make the first step on. Like I said, I don't have too many expectations when it comes to that. Because, as we've seen, folks have digging their heels in pretty hard. So, I'm just going to keep pushing. Keep pushing for accountability and whenever folks decide they want to pop their heads up for what I'm doing. I'll be there."


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