Justice League Star Ray Fisher Says Snyder Cut Is “a Study of the Human Condition”

Happy Snyder Cut week, DC lovers! After years of waiting, fans of Zack Snyder were finally treated [...]

Happy Snyder Cut week, DC lovers! After years of waiting, fans of Zack Snyder were finally treated to his version of Justice League thanks to HBO Max. The four-hour movie is getting fairly decent reviews and currently has a 75% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes. ComicBook.com's own Jenna Anderson gave the movie a 4.5 out of 5 and called it "brave, bold, and incredibly rewarding." Some of the movie's cast have been posting about the new cut on social media, including Ray Fisher. The actor known for playing Cyborg has shared a lot of tweets since the film hit HBO Max, but on in particular showcases how much the new cut means to him.

"As a Black man that grew up with an absent father, #Cyborg's story has always hit differently for me. Family and reconciliation are some of my biggest takeaways from #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague It's not just comic book movie—it's a study of the human condition," Fisher wrote. The actor also took to the social media site today to add, "Thank you Chris Terrio and @ZackSnyder. That is all." You can check out his tweets below:

"Cyborg in Zack Snyder's Justice League, he's not a happy camper by any stretch, but I don't think anybody would be if you had just lost everything that you've known about yourself," Fisher previously told TheNiceCast about his expanded role in Snyder's director's cut. "Your body, you've lost your mother, you've lost your ability to play football, one of the defining things that you've established for yourself. You've lost a sense of yourself, and it's about finding that again, finding that humanity again."

Fisher added, "There's a ton of allegory with respect to that in being a Black man and just the journey that Black people have taken in this country. It can go as deep as you will allow it to, and I thank my stars that I was in the capable hands of Chris [Terrio, screenwriter] and Zack to be like, 'Listen, how far are we going to take this? This can hit some hearts, man. It can really hit some hearts.'"

Zack Snyder's Justice League is now streaming on HBO Max.