Zack Snyder Tells Fans "Don't" Lose Hope for Snyder Cut of Justice League

Warner Brothers has released a statement that they have no immediate plans to release the infamous [...]

Warner Brothers has released a statement that they have no immediate plans to release the infamous Snyder Cut of their Justice League movie. This all comes after heavy hitters (in addition to Snyder) such as Ray Fisher, Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck voiced their support for the original cut of the film to be released on the second anniversary of Justice League's theatrical release. The idea of the Snyder Cut would go on to be called a "pipe dream" in a quote in a report from a reputable outlet on Monday, prompting fans to lose hope. For those fans losing hope, Snyder says, "Don't."

Snyder's continued use of the Vero app resulted in an exchange with a fan rooting for the release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League. "Say something," a fan wrote. "I am losing hope." Snyder's response was simple, telling Davin, "Don't."

Check out some screenshots of the exchange from the Vero app in the tweet from supporter of the Snyder Cut below.

Snyder directed Justice League and has continued to look back on the project, releasing storyboard artwork and even trolling Warner Bros. During New York Comic Con, Snyder revealed that Martian Manhunter would have appeared in his version of the film. Following the passing of his daughter, Snyder exited the project and the film was completed by Joss Whedon, who took it in a very different direction. As time passes, more of those differences are being exposes, one black and white photo posted to the Vero app at a time.

The Snyder Cut movement's latest big wove was to take out a billboard in New York City's Times Square during New York Comic Con. The act was funded by a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe. While seeing the release of the Snyder Cut has always been the group's prime motivator, it also donates a portion of its funds to suicide prevention. Following New York Comic Con, the group sent over $100,000 to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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