Justice League Stunt Coordinator Claims Many People Have Seen the Snyder Cut and Claim "It's Amazing"

The Snyder Cut is real and according to Justice League stunt coordinator Eunice Huthart, it's "absolutely amazing." Huthart also served as a stunt coordinator on Lucasfilm's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. While promoting the JJ Abrams flick for home media release, that's when mentioned the Snyder Cut is something she's heard plenty about. According to the stunt maestro, she's spoken with several people who say it's "absolutely golden."

"Yeah, there's a few questions about that, and I'm sure that I'm okay to say I officially know people who've seen the Snyder Cut and said it's absolutely amazing," Huthart told Screen Rant. "And I do believe that that's the movie we were making, Zack Snyder's version of the film. You know, with the heartache of what happened with his daughter, we pulled out [and did] the reshoots of it. So, the movie took a slightly different turn."

She added, "I watched the cinema release of the film, and I texted Zack to say, 'What's this I'm hearing about this Snyder Cut? I need to see it.' And he did promise me next time I'm in LA, that I'll go watch it. So I will at some point, definitely go and watch the Snyder cut. And I have spoken to people who actually said it's brilliant. They said it's absolutely golden."

Huthart's not the only one who supports the release of the flick. Most Justice League stars have also hopped on board the Snyder Cut train, including Jason Momoa, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot.

"Oh, you don't think Zack couldn't finish...?" Momoa asked MTV's Josh Horowitz last year. "I think the public needs to see it. I'm obviously indebted to Warner and DC and I don't know how they feel about it, but as a fan, I'm very, very happy I got to see it."


Justice League — Joss Whedon's cinematic version of the film, that is — is now available wherever movies are sold.

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