Some DC Fans Are Convinced That the 'Justice League' Snyder Cut Is Coming to SDCC

A large group of DC Comics fans are still bitter about the way Warner Bros. treated Zack Snyder and the Justice League film, bringing on Joss Whedon to essentially remake the movie ahead of its release. Since the film's release in November, people have been petitioning, protesting, and begging WB to share Snyder's original cut of the movie, known all-to-well as the Snyder Cut.

Now, just a month ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, a lot of these fans have taken hold of social media movement and unconfirmed rumors to convince themselves that WB, the studio replaced Snyder on Justice League, is planning a surprise unveiling of his version of Justice League at the convention.

Things started spiralling out of control when there was a massive "leak" online, that claimed to know what DC and WB were planning for Comic-Con. Since Marvel isn't going to have a panel at the convention this year, many have speculated that DC would go above and beyond, and this rumor definitely backed up that idea.

The rumor claimed, among other things, that Warner Bros. would release the Snyder Cut, provided that Snyder's production company, Cruel and Unusual Films, footed the bill. There's certainly no confirmation of this happening, and WB has given no indication that they're willing to release Snyder's Cut of the film, but that hasn't stopped people from taking it as gospel.

Only adding fuel to the fire was a post on Vero, Zack Snyder's social media outlet-of-choice. A user on the site posted a picture of Snyder at a previous San Diego Comic-Con, tagging the director and saying, "Here's to hoping the boss man himself @ZackSnyder makes it to San Diego Comic-Con this year."

Well, Snyder went on to like the post. This one action, which likely means nothing other than Zack Snyder having an appreciation for his fans, has people believing that he will indeed appear at Comic-Con, and make an announcement about his fabled Justice League cut.

With several movies in different stages of development, the Snyder Cut probably isn't high on Warner Bros. radar, especially given the fact that the studio didn't want that version of the movie in the first place. WB actively brought in another director and spent extra money on extended reshoots, all with the intention of keeping his cut of the film under wraps.

Even with all of the fan outcry, it wouldn't make much sense for the studio to use precious Hall H time on a movie they never wanted people to see. That's not to say that the Snyder Cut might not ever come to fruition, but San Diego Comic-Con isn't a "do-or-die" situation for its existence.


If you want to see the Snyder Cut, keep petitioning, keep asking Warner Bros. to release it. It's important that these studios know what it is the fans want. Just don't go into SDCC next month with your heart set on a Snyder Cut announcement from WB.

You'll be disappointed.