Justice League Trailer Has Rick And Morty Easter Egg

affleck rick 2
(Photo: DC/WB)

With the Justice League trailer released just a few hours ago, there's already been some eagle-eyed viewers that caught something in the corner of one of the Flash's monitors. When Bruce Wayne comes knocking on Barry Allen's door, well more like knocked and let himself in, there's a quick scene of...something on the screen. Take a look.

Yup, that's non-other than a scene from Adult Swim's Rick and Morty. In the scene, Rick and his granddaughter Summer are being the holy ghost out of the Devil himself. The episode itself was a Faustian-type of morality play where Rick squares off against the Devil in a morbid game of wits. Eventually, Rick and Summer become abnormally strong and beat the Devil up at a tech talk conference.

Now, this could mean a few things or nothing at all, so humor us. In the episode, Mr. Needful (the Devil) make bargains with people, but never with money. Bruce is offering a deal here with Barry, and Batman is sometimes seen as a demonic force. It could be more of a Faustian pact with the "devil", which is when someone sacrifices part of their soul or spiritual value for material gain or knowledge.


It could also just mean that Barry really loves Adult Swim programming. What say you, readers? Was this Easter Egg intentional, or something that just gives a hint about Barry's character?