'Justice League' Storyboard Artist Insists Zack Snyder Cut Exists, Was Screened To Warner Bros. Execs

Despite regular dismissals of the existence of a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League by countless sources, the film's storyboard artist, Jay Oliva, insists that the cut does exist. The artist recently shared on Twitter that this cut was screened to Warner Bros. executives before Joss Whedon stepped in to finish directing the film when Snyder left.

justice league snyder cut

When a fan on Twitter claimed that a Snyder Cut didn't exist, Oliva shared, "Yep it does. If it doesn't then what did Zack screen to execs prior to Whedon? If you don't care for it then step aside because you're just parroting what the bloggers are saying without any real knowledge or insight. Have a great day Tim!"

Having been directly involved in the production, Oliva would clearly have more reliable information on the subject, though it's possible that the artist is relying on semantics when describing the mythical cut of the film.

In the wake of a family tragedy, Snyder left Justice League and Joss Whedon stepped in to finish shooting, while also helming reshoots. The financial and critical disappointment of the film led fans to call for Snyder's true vision of the film, yet with Snyder not necessarily having shot every scene that was scripted, a complete and coherent version of the film is seemingly nonexistent.

Oliva's comments about screening something for Warner Bros., however, could have possibly just been an assemblage of what the filmmaker had shot at that point, which may have been an incoherent storyline that audiences never would have been able to follow. In that regard, the "Snyder Cut" could merely be a compilation of scenes that is devoid of a cohesive narrative.

Whatever the condition of this reported cut might be, there appears to be no plans to release it. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal noted, "The studio isn't planning to mention a Snyder cut or to release any alternate versions of Justice League, a senior executive confirmed."

Despite a number of fans on social media demanding to see some of Snyder's original footage released, star Henry Cavill knows that it won't make a difference.

"I don't know if [a Snyder cut] actually exists so the only way I can look at it is as a business model, and I don't know what difference it's going to make," Cavill confirmed to Yahoo Movies UK. "There are stories to be told, which need to be told and adjustments that can be made, but that's not going to make any difference."

Justice League is currently available on Blu-ray.

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