Did Zack Snyder Just Reveal He Hasn't Seen 'Justice League'?

If you haven’t seen Justice League — well, you are not alone. The much-awaited DC Comics flick [...]

If you haven't seen Justice League — well, you are not alone. The much-awaited DC Comics flick hit theaters last fall, and the hotly debated film fell short of box-office expectations. With the film grossing less than $700 million worldwide, it seems a good chunk of comic lovers chose to skip out on the movie. And, if fans are reading a new post correctly, then Zack Snyder probably did not see the movie either.

Recently, the Internet began buzzing over whether or not Snyder had seen the movie after the director made a special post on Vero. A fan posted a meme referencing a famed line of dialogue from Justice League revolving around brunch. Snyder saw the meme and commented on the image, writing, "What is the brunch reference?" The note may just mean Snyder did not get how the brunch line was used in the meme, but fans feel confident the question has to do with the fact that Snyder never saw Justice League's theatrical cut.

"Trust me," one fan wrote. "This may be one reference you don't want to know about."

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For fans, learning about the director's distance from Justice League might be hard to swallow. There is no denying that the movie had its difficulties, and fans continue to question how Justice League would have turned out if Snyder had continued work on the film. The DC Extended Universe architect removed himself from the project once it finish filming for personal reasons following the unexpected death of his youngest daughter. After exiting Justice League, Joss Whedon was brought in my Warner Bros. to wrap the movie, and Snyder was vocal about his decision in distancing himself from the superhero flick there on after.

Still, fans agree that it seems strange for Snyder to completely cut ties with Justice League. He may not have penned its line about brunch, but the director did put in a lot of effort into the feature. In light of his recent post, fans are revisiting rumors which went live earlier this February regarding Snyder's leave from Warner Bros. After a former editor from Variety and Mashable claimed Snyder was really fired by Warner Bros., fans were not sure what to believe. So, as you can imagine, Snyder's latest social media dig has only fanned the flames of that debate.

Justice League is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD if you want to check it out. Would you be surprised if Snyder never watches the film for himself?Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!