Kehlani's Gangsta From Suicide Squad Soundtrack Released

suicide squad album
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

When it comes to good movies, fans expect an even better soundtrack to follow - and Suicide Squad is no exception. The film's soundtrack already has fans raving as artist like Skrillex and twenty one pilots have already released their tracks for the film. And, with the album expected to fully drop on August 5th, Kehlani decided to premiere her track early.

Entitled "Gangsta," the song sounds like a hit. Its chill beat, haunting vocals, and echoing reverb is enough to send chills down anybody's spine. Fans are already starting to dissect the song's lyrics as they try to place where the song will feature in the film. For instance, the track's second verse hosts lyrics such as, "My freakness is on the loose, and / running all over you / Please take me to places that nobody / nobody nobody knows."

It should be a surprise to no one that many fans are drawing parallels between the lyrics to Suicide Squad's depiction of Harley Quinn's relationship with The Joker.

Zane Lowe spoke with director David Ayer to ask him about the track once the song premiered on his radio show. Enthusiastic, Ayer recalled the first time he heard the song, saying, "I was a few bars in, and I was like, 'This is a beast. This is going to smash.' But the other thing is that there's this emotional quality to it that's sort of raw, broken yet strong...haunting quality to it."

And, when he was asked if the song has any particular connection to Harley Quinn, Ayer said the track, "speaks a lot to relationships and making a choice and - at the same time - how there's also power in surrendering to somebody." Ayer also teased that composer Steven Price may have done an orchestral rendition of Kehlani's song to overlay in the film, so fans can probably expect to hear yet another version of the track once Suicide Squad's score gets released.