'Krypton' Will Have a Time Jump in Season 2

Krypton fans got a lot of updates on the SYFY series' upcoming second season during the show's panel at San Diego Comic-Con today -- including that there will be a time jump between season one and season 2.

As fans of the Superman prequel series will recall, the first season finale itself featured a small time jump. After Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) is pulled into the Phantom Zone by Brainiac, Zod (Colin Salmon) then shoots the control panel for the portal, trapping Seg inside. They then cut to one month in the future, revealing that Zod has assumed control of Krypton and that Superman's cape, which had measured how much time Seg and his allies had to save the future, had switched from the sigil for the House of El to that of the House of Zod.

Now, according to showrunner Cameron Welsh, when Krypton returns in 2019 it will be four to five months from that moment and with Seg still trapped in the Phantom Zone, the landscape of the series will be very, very different.

"The Krypton we come back to in Season 2 is vastly different," Welsh said. "Zod has knowledge of the future and that feeds into his actions in our present day."

Those differences will extend to more than just Zod's actions as well. Welsh also said that viewers would get to see inside the Phantom Zone, more about the people in Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos) life, and according to Wallis Day, who plays Nyssa Vex, there would be major changes for her as well.

Last season, Nyssa discovered that she is, in fact, a clone of the original Nyssa Vex and that many more clones exist. This sort of artificial immortality will be a major influence on the character going forward.

"Things can get dangerous when you know you have more than one life," Day said of her character's evolution.

And it's not just the ramifications of the season one finale and the threats presented by Doomsday and Lobo that Krypton will explore, either. Welsh said that the show's not quite done with Brainiac, either.

"We're going to Colu in Season 2," he said, referencing the villain's home world.

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Krypton will return for its second season in 2019 on SYFY.