'Krypton': Shaun Sipos on What Makes His Adam Strange Tick, and Why Season 2 Will Be Interesting

Trapped in a bottled city on board Brainiac's skullship, Adam Strange ended the first season of [...]

Trapped in a bottled city on board Brainiac's skullship, Adam Strange ended the first season of Krypton in about as bad a position as one could be expected to end it -- but the journey ahead is what interests Shaun Sipos, who plays the character.

Heading into the show's second season, Sipos said during an interview at Comic Con that he feels like Adam's attempt at self-sacrifice in season one put him on the path to heroic greatness, and he is excited to see what comes next for the character when the new season begins next year.

"I'm fascinated to see how he handles that adversity-- what mettle is in him," Sipos said. "We know there is great mettle that he has. Right? He becomes a great hero. I love the fact that he is not a perfect hero. He's not a perfect man. Which makes it accessible. If someone's so perfect, it's hard to relate. It's hard to go like, 'Oh, I can do that,' because they don't have any faults. He doesn't really have any super powers. He's not super strong, he can't shoot lasers out of his eyes. He's just incredibly intelligent. He's crafty and wily. He stumbled into hero-dom. He's gotten hold of a Zeta Beam. The route that we've taken with it is he got that Zeta Beam by some possibly questionable actions. He stole that zeta beam, but with good intentions: To save Superman. It's one of those things where you go, 'Does the end justify the means for him and for the fate of the multiverse?'"

While ultimately it seems as though even Sardath, whose Zeta Beam was stolen ,believes that the answer to that is yes, one has to wonder about a hero who steals his gear. It is a criticism that has been lobbed at Booster Gold over the years, and partially as a result of that, fans often speculate that Sipos's Adam might be Booster in disguise.

That seems unlikely, which leaves the question of Strange's own sense of morality, and what drives him.

"I don't know if it's ethical ambiguity or if it's ethical fluidity," Sipos said. "I know that his heart is good and he's really working with what he's got, and trying to do what's right. It's like he's dancing on water, and it's not exactly the most stable thing; it's moving. So he's got to try to find his footing here and there without sinking. I like that. I think we do that in life. Dealing with people, you've got to be malleable. You can't just be one thing. What he's striving for is a greatness that is inherently good. At the beginning, it was more of an egotistical want: 'I want to be somebody.' Someone that someone looks up to. He's gonna be part of the Justice League. He's gonna save somebody -- he's gonna save Superman. That's who did it, Adam Strange! Throughout the season, that broke down. He showed something that a real hero does. He put himself in harm's way, essentially sacrificing himself. He didn't know that he was going to be safe; he did it because he cared. He was being a hero. Now, his intentions are not about him. It's about the greater picture. It's about something outside of himself. That's what I find fascinating, is going through that journey. We all do. We all go through the, 'I want it to be about me.' And then, let's say you have a kid or something. Suddenly, oh, it's not about me. It's about that. It's about leaving the world better. That journey fascinates me."

Krypton returns to SYFY in 2019 for a second season with higher stakes and likely a major tonal shift, as Lobo joins the mix.