'Krypton's Shaun Sipos Is Surprised Fans Think He's Booster Gold

Shaun Sipos, who plays Adam Strange on SYFY's Krypton, has heard the chatter, and he knows that a [...]

Shaun Sipos, who plays Adam Strange on SYFY's Krypton, has heard the chatter, and he knows that a lot of you reading this think his character might actually be time-traveling superhero Booster Gold.

He did not see that reaction coming, but he enjoys watching fans trying to suss out what it is his character is hiding -- a little bit of which tonight's episode offers an insight into.

"It's really cool to watch," Sipos admitted. "It's fun because you realize that what the writers have done -- and I suppose myself in collaboration with them, but really what Cam Welsh and the writers have done -- is create a character that's complex enough and that has enough of a Labyrinth within himself and within the story that the audience really doesn't know [what is coming], so they're on the journey. When they're speculating and going through all these things it tells me that they're invested. It tells me that they're excited and that they're invested because they want to figure it out. If they were straightforward -- 'this is what he's about' -- you'd lose interest. It's nice for them to go wait a second. But 'Is he really Booster Gold? Is he saying that he doesn't have a nickname or he's a D-lister because that's what Booster Gold feels like and Booster Gold is trying to buy his way into being a superhero and creating all this false press?' It's really interesting. To be honest, I didn't see that coming. I didn't see fans going, 'Wait is he Booster Gold?'"

In the comics, Adam Strange is a more square-jawed hero in the mold of someone like Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers, with a flight pack and a ray gun. On Krypton, he has none of that yet -- and an attitude that tells you he is probably not entirely on the level.

That is a big part of what has led fans to speculate about his DC pedigree and more -- but in the past, Sipos has indicated that he is excited by the prospect of playing a more classic take on Adam Strange down the line.

"I didn't really know a whole lot about Adam Strange, as a kid," Sipos said during a visit to the set. "I knew he existed, but I was more into, I was just more Superman and Batman. But, when I got this, DC sent me a whole whack of comics and then I just went through all of them. And it's, and he's quite an amazing character."

"It's really f---ing cool too," Sipos added. "Did you guys watch The Rocketeer? Adam Strange has a jet pack at a point. We haven't got to that yet. This is earlier on, but that thought sort of is something that I geek out over, the idea of it. I think every kid, or every person, wants to fly. So, I'm really looking forward to that."

Krypton airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SYFY.