'Legends of Tomorrow' Stars Explain How Beebo Came to Be

Legends of Tomorrow has really come into its own among the Arrowverse shows, fully leaning in and [...]

Legends of Tomorrow has really come into its own among the Arrowverse shows, fully leaning in and embracing its unique, quirky tone and one of the biggest payoffs of that comes in the form of a fluffy blue scene-stealer -- Beebo. Now, the cast of The CW series opens up about how Beebo came to be.

During their panel at Fan Expo Vancouver, Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/Atom), Jes McCallan (Ava Sharpe), and Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/White Canary) were asked how Beebo came to be/

"It was my idea," Routh joked. "No, it was [the writers'] idea to kick off the beginning of the episode... and it turned into, Beebo turned into the loveable thing we know. So that's Beebo."

First introduced in the ninth episode of Season 3, "Beebo the God of War", Beebo is a Cuddle Me Beebo doll that was the hottest toy of 1992, coveted by little boys and girls for Christmas and Hanukkah that year. In the episode, a young Martin Stein acquired one for his daughter but ended up trapped in an anachronism with Vikings worshipping Beebo as the Blue God and kicked off an early conquest of North America. While the Legends were ultimately able to restore the timeline, Beebo won over fans and quickly became a fan-favorite break out "character". Beebo went on to take on a whole new life in the Season 3 finale when the team combined the powers of the Zambesi Totems to create a giant living Beebo who they then used to defeat Mallus.

While fans adore Beebo, who is set to make an appearance sometime in Season 4, Lotz explained that they weren't always so sure Beebo would go over that well and instead wondered if the show had "jumped the shark".

"When we first, that script was Legends' first kind of deep dive into craziness and I remember shooting that with all these Vikings and we're in this like amazing period gear and everything is very like... and then you just see Nate and Amaya having this blue fuzzy doll like sneaking in the background and I remember we all turned and were like 'we just...did we jump the shark? There's no coming back from there, really.'" Lotz said. "And it's right. There was no coming back from that but in the better. I think that it was kind of a gamble and it worked and Beebo's the lead of the show."

Beebo la-la-loves it, no doubt.

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Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW. "The Virgin Gary" will debut on Monday, October 22nd.