'Legends of Tomorrow': Major Arrowverse Character Returns in "Beebo The God of War"

Legends of Tomorrow may be going on a bit of a break, but it left fans with one hell of a tease before they

Spoilers for tonight's midseason finale of Legends of Tomorrow, "Beebo The God of War", below.

Tonight's episode saw the Legends facing off against a rather unique anachronism in Viking times. Once their mission was complete, they were summoned to another task -- involving John Constantine (Matt Ryan).

For the uninitiated, Ryan played the role of the beloved exorcist on NBC's Constantine series, which was cancelled after one season but can be viewed on CW Seed. After plenty of clamoring from fans, Ryan was able to reprise his performance in several ways, including a cameo on Arrow and an upcoming animated series.

Ever since Constantine was first brought into the Arrowverse, fans have been eagerly anticipating an appearance on Legends. And now, as was first announced earlier this year, they will soon get their wish.

"Having Matt Ryan reprise his iconic — dare we say legendary — role of John Constantine on Legends is something that [executive producer] Marc [Guggenheim] and I have been working toward since season one, and now the stars have finally aligned," executive producer Phil Klemmer revealed earlier this year. "While we are working to finish our 2017 Arrow-verse crossover, which is no joke the most ambitious bit of network TV that four shows have ever had the audacity and insanity to endeavor, we were looking for a way to make an equally exciting 2018 return. That’s how we came up with Matt Ryan."


Ryan is set to officially join the Legends in the show's midseason premiere, which will be titled "Daddy Darhkest". According to early updates, the episode will not only show Constantine smoking (a long-standing qualm fans had with the NBC show), but will also fully portray his bisexuality.

Legends of Tomorrow will return in 2018.