'Legends of Tomorrow': Caity Lotz on How Sara Will Handle Lance's Death

How will the death of Quentin Lance, which took place in the Arrow season six finale last month, [...]

How will the death of Quentin Lance, which took place in the Arrow season six finale last month, impact his daughter, Sara Lance?

According to Caity Lotz, who plays Sara on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, she does not know yet -- but she is hoping that she gets to go back to Arrow and exact some vengeance, even if in general the shows appear to be moving to a more stand-alone mode.

"I know, right? Everything is so sad. Why does everything that [Sara] loves die?" Lotz joked during a recent panel discussion, adding, "I'm hoping, I think they're starting to try to steer away from one show affecting the other shows too much, because it gets really complicated. But I don't know where they're going to go with it, but I really hope that we get to deal with it more. I mean, I'd love to go back onto Arrow and have some vengeance, kick-ass, happen."

With the death of Damien Darhk in the season three finale of Legends of Tomorrow, Lotz's character finally got to see the end of the man who murdered her sister. Originally determined to murder him herself, Sara learned that it was more important to be both a good captain to the Waverider and a good steward of the timestream, and allowed Darhk to live, until his own ambition undid him when he made a pact with the time demon Mallus.

Now, in comes Ricardo Diaz; suddenly Sara could find herself back at square one, wishing to kill someone when she could do so with ease. What might be more interesting, though, is exploring how the two years since her sister's death have changed her and the different way she views grief, revenge, and time travel following the events of Legends of Tomorrow seasons two and three.

At the very least, it seems likely that Legends will cross over with Arrow during hte Batwoman-themed crossover this winter, so expect to see Sara's reaction then if we have not before that point.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow will return to The CW in the fall, when the series will air at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Monday nights.