Legends of Tomorrow EP on How Zari and Behrad's Relationship Will Evolve in Season 6

After six seasons, the rag-tag group of losers on board The Waverider have evolved into a found family of multiverse-saving heroes...so what's next? As these people, previously in search of belonging and meaning, each find it with one another, how do you keep the stories going in a way that doesn't walk back the character development that fans have enjoyed from previous seasons? Well, according to executive producer Phil Klemmer, the answer lies in that family dynamic. After all, families give you a sense of beonging and purpose, but they're also people you're stuck with and that can grate on you.

The key example on the Waverider might be Zari and Behrad, a literal brother and sister whose relationship has long been established as pretty confrontational. Up to this point, the stakes for the pair have been life and death, which really softened some of those edges because they had to confront how much they did not want to lose one another. This season, Klemmer told ComicBook, we'll see them revert back to normal.

"Even though we've introduced Behrad and Zari 2.0, and we've lost him and we've found him, we haven't really gotten to dig into them as brother and sister," Klemmer explained. "The whole foundation behind bringing him onto the show was that there's a fun energy between siblings. It's hostile, but it's filled with love. And to give them something to argue about, we thought up the idea of her kind of entering into this sort of ill-advised romance with Constantine. It's really interesting, because Behrad is normally like, 'free love, everybody's cool.' He's not an uptight guy. And yet, everybody's protective about their sibling. Zari clearly has her eyes open to the potential hazards, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous when you're dating a dude -- a magician whose former lovers are all doomed. But of course, Zari's capable, and she feels like she can navigate through safely. I think they're both in for some surprises, both Zari and Constantine."

During the same interview, Klemmer revealed that this season on Legends, there will be a Behrad-centric episode that involves the show's take on Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian.

"We actually devote a whole episode to Behrad, episode 9 of this season," Klemmer told ComicBook. "It's interesting, because he's such an easygoing, laid-back guy, that invariably people take those kinds of personalities for granted. Because they're so easygoing, their grooviness can almost make you forget how important it is to have that kind of low-key energy around, especially when we have so many tempers on the Waverider. So we did this episode, which is kind of our Baby Yoda episode, in the middle of the season. It features a very adorable, animatronic alien, who unfortunately is not as sweet as Baby Yoda. But it also explroes a timeline in which Behrad's origin story is compromised by this alien, and he becomes a different person. All of a sudden, the Legends, including or even primarily Zari, realize that 'oh my God, this laid-back stoner, yoga-posing peacenik that we all take for granted is being replaced by something quite different, and now it's like, 'how do we get Behrad back?'"


DC's Legends of Tomorrow will premiere tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.