Legends of Tomorrow: Adam Tsekhman Opens Up About Gary's Alien Reveal

The Season 6 premiere of DC's Legends of Tomorrow came with a pretty surprising reveal. While viewers knew going into the episode that Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) had been kidnapped by aliens in the Season 5 finale, the identity of one of the aliens who had taken her from the rest of the Legends team was quite a surprise: Gary Green, the loveable and often awkward former Time Bureau agent who had most recently become John Constantine's (Matt Ryan) apprentice. While Gary ended up having second thoughts about kidnapping Sara and teamed up with her to try to get back home, Adam Tsekhman who plays Gary is opening up about the surprising reveal and teasing that Gary is probably a bit more manipulative than people realized.

"I think what we learn about Gary -- well, we've seen this a lot, but learn a lot this season, is he does know things, but he often chooses very directly not to share them," Tsekhman told CBR. "When he does, it's kind of becoming like a little bit of a tagline where he says, 'Did I not mention that before?' I don't know if he's legitimately thought he mentioned it, or that's his, 'Oh, sorry! Oh, I didn't realize! Oh, I probably thought I said that!' That's him just completely lying."

He continued, "I like the idea that Gary is slightly more manipulative and uses his nerdy neuroticness as a cover, which is fun to think about, like, "I just didn't realize!", that sort of, 'I'm so sorry, I thought I said something and I didn't and [yells],' when in fact, in this situation, I think, even though Sara is clearly incredibly capable of taking care of herself, this might be something that even she is overwhelmed and he at least has a little more knowledge about this. Throughout the season, Gary is kind of the guy, or the alien, they turn to for information about the aliens they're going to interact with, because he's the only one who understands all these -- or a certain percentage of -- these different species."

But even though Gary is an alien, isn't always straightforward, and for once has more information than Sara, Tsekhman also said Gary is still, well, Gary.


"Gary may be scary and able to eat humans, but he'd rather be a vegan."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.