The Internet Reacts to John Constantine's Return on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

Tonight's Legends of Tomorrow gave fans a fond farewell, a surprisingly influential stuffed animal -- and the return of a DCTV favorite.

Spoilers for tonight's midseason finale of Legends of Tomorrow, "Beebo The God of War", below!

At the end of tonight's episode, Sara Lance/White Canary (Caity Lotz) was met by an old friend: John Constantine (Matt Ryan). After saving Sara's soul in Arrow's fourth season, John wants her to return the favor by helping him with a particularly tricky exorcism.

Ever since Constantine was first brought into the Arrowverse, fans have been eagerly anticipating an appearance on Legends. And now, as was first announced earlier this year, they will soon get their wish in the show's midseason premiere.


As you'd expect, fans have had a pretty big reaction to Constantine's Legends arrival, especially those who have been following the character since his beloved, but ill-fated NBC series. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite tweets about Constantine's Legends of Tomorrow debut.

Legends of Tomorrow will return in February 2018.