'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap With Spoilers: "Hell No, Dolly!"

'Hell No, Dolly!' starts with a shot of Constantine having dreams of a man he's met. He's suddenly [...]

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"Hell No, Dolly!" starts with a shot of Constantine having dreams of a man he's met. He's suddenly woken up by Charlie and we see that the two are drinking on the Waverider.

In the kitchen, Ray unveils that he's grown a mustache after reading a letter from Nora saying she likes mustaches. Ray's reading facts about a serial killer from the back of a cereal box and Ava says the facts are wrong because she's well-versed in most killers. Gideon then tells the group there's been an anachronism in New Orleans 1856.

The team decides to travel back to New Orleans in an attempt to save the victims before they're murdered. While there, Constantine keeps having visions like the ones he was dreaming and mentions that he feels off. Constantine goes down one of the side streets and is apparently drugged by a bystander.

Constantine wakes up and finds out he's been kidnapped by Marie Laveau and her men because Constantine's in possession of one of her amulets. Constantine has another vision of a previous boyfriend and the boyfriend gifts him the amulet Laveau wants. Laveau reveals the man is one of her distant relatives.

Sarah, Ray, Ava, and Mick are at a dinner party staking out one of the other victims, trying to catch a glimpse of the would-be attacker.

Charlie and Zari bust in to where Constantine is being held.

Ray's following a suspicious person around at the party when he hears a child crying. He enters a room and the little girl mentions that the doll she's holding is going to kill her mom. As Ray's looking at the doll, another doll sneaks up behind him and knocks him out with a shovel.

Then, Laveau informs Zari that the anachronism is an evil spirit, and she relays that information to the rest of the team. Sara busts in the find Ray unconscious and the possessed doll leaps at her with a knife. She stops it and Mick incinerates it with his heat gun.

Constantine offers to give Charlie her powers back if she travels with him to present day to make sure he doesn't meet his boyfriend. Laveau ordered him to save her kin in exchange for help in 1856.

Sara and Ava take the burnt doll back to the Waverider and chain it up. As they walk out of the room, we see the doll close its hand.

Constantine and Charlie head back to 1856 but Constantine still has visions, proving that their plan failed. They try going back to 2018, but Zari prohibits them thinking they're up to no good. Back on the Waverider, Constantine explains to the two that they need to stop him from meeting Desmond because after they meet, a demon named Neron starts stalking Constantine.

At the Time Bureau, Mona finds out that the werewolf they're holding has been hurt by a fellow agent and she starts falling for him. The wolfman pushes Mona aside because he smells agents coming. The agents take him away.

We see the doll's mouth open and a translucent being exits out of the mouth. The spirit floats by Zari, who doesn't notice it and it passes Ray in the hallway, who also doesn't see it. The spirit sneaks into one of the cases in the cargo bay.

Sarah makes a roast for dinner, inviting Ava and Mick together to try rekindling their friendship. Their dinner falls apart when the two keep fighting, eventually spilling over when Mick makes a comment about Ava being a clone. Sarah and Ava notice some empty flour and see small footsteps, proving that the doll is back alive.

Constantine returns to 2018 and reveals that Neron isn't the one who sent Desmond to hell. Rather, Constantine was forced to under duress.

Ava and Mick come across the evil spirit, which has possessed the ventriloquist doll of Professor Stein. It's about to stab Ava when Mick stops him. The doll escapes.

Mona tries to save the wolfman but she somehow manages to stop time in the process, freezing everybody.