'Legends of Tomorrow' Season 4 Casting Breakdown Possibly Teases New Member

Legends of Tomorrow's fourth season is still quite a ways away, but it sounds like the hit The CW series' roster could be growing.

That Hashtag Show recently uncovered two new casting descriptions for Legends' fourth season, which hint at two new additions for the show.

The first is for a female Asian character in her twenties named "Ali", who would be joining Legends in a series regular role.

"She is somewhere in her 20s as a young woman who is searching deeply for her mission in life." The casting description reads. "Teased as a mega-intelligent and sharp as heck person, “Ali” tends to sometimes be a little aloof and being too distracted by her own imagination as well as romantic impulses. She loves YA literature as well as fantasy novels hence her hunger and curiosity for adventures. Despite her disappointment with the state of the world, “Ali” continues to keep an optimistic head as much as possible with any situation that she faces. “Ali” also has a deep love for animals as she believes each animal has a purpose to fulfill on our planet."

It's unclear if "Ali" is a cover name, although there aren't any notable DC Comics characters with that name (aside from Allison Sanders, a one-off villain in season two of Smallville). It also isn't easy to tell exactly what role this character would have in Season 4, and if they would be a superpowered member of the team or just some sort of supporting character.

The second casting description suggests that one Legend's family tree is set to grow, with Nate Heywood/Steel's (Nick Zano) father, Hank Heywood, set to play a recurring role.

"He is somewhere in his 60s and while he is loved by many, his son Nate is not one of them." The casting description reads. "Their relationship is a very mixed one as Hank is always on his son’s back for not doing more with his life. Having served in the military, Hank is now working for the Department of Defense. Carrying a Woody Harrelson-y charm, Hank takes traditional values very seriously such as patriotism and sacrifice. But he isn’t being a dick about his beliefs and while Nate may have had his list of failures in life; Hank loves his son as much as a father possibly could."


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The fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow will air Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.