'Legends of Tomorrow' to Temporarily Replace 'Supergirl' on Monday Nights

Supergirl is set to finish its third season in 2018, but not before she takes a temporary backseat to the Legends of Tomorrow.

On Friday, The CW announced that its Arrowverse schedule is getting a bit of a shakeup in the new year. Legends of Tomorrow is moving away from its 9pm slot on Tuesday nights, and taking over Supergirl's Monday night lead-off.

Starting with its midseason premiere on February 12, Legends of Tomorrow will air on Monday nights at 8pm, starting off the week for The CW. This will last for nine weeks, until the season finale of Legends on April 9.

So, what does that mean for Supergirl?

Unfortunately, Supergirl will now enjoy two significant breaks. The series will return on January 15, the same week as Arrow and The Flash, and air for about a month on Monday nights. Then, on February 12, Supergirl will take another hiatus while Legends finishes its third season.

On April 16, one week after Legends airs its season finale, Supergirl will return to its usual place on Monday nights. Consecutive episodes will air until June 18.

All of that added up means Monday nights will be busy for The CW. The network will air 23 straight weeks of Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow, leading straight into the summertime.


Doesn't sound too bad, now does it?