Legends of Tomorrow's Jonah Hex Johnathon Schaech Expecting Second Child

Though the crew on the Waverider in DC's Legends of Tomorrow seems to get smaller with every season, one cast member's own personal crew is about to get a major addition. Johnathon Schaech, who has appeared as DC Comics character Jonah Hex on the series in various episodes since 2016, confirmed with ComicBook.com earlier this week that he and his wife Julie Solomon are expecting a second child.

"So grateful for this new little miracle to be part of our story," Schaech said in a statement to PEOPLE.

"We are beyond overjoyed to be expanding our family," Solomon added. "Being parents to Camden has been one of the greatest gifts in our marriage and life. This is something that, well, we didn't know if it would ever happen again for us, so we are so grateful for this miracle. Camden was so excited when we told him the news on Christmas morning. He's been asking for a little brother or sister for a while now."

According to the pair's announcement in the magazine, the child will arrive in July of this year.

The character of Jonah Hex, as played by Schaech, was introduced in the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow where he appeared in one episode for each of the first three seasons. Though he missed an appearance in season four, Schaech did reprise his role for the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event during the Batwoman episode. For his brief appearance, Schaech wasn't appearing as the Jonah Hex fans have come to know and love from the TV series, but an alternate Hex, specifically the Jonah of Earth-18. With DC's Legends of Tomorrow already renewed for a sixth season, there will be plenty of opportunities for him to return, which he seems to think will happen.

"I think we're gonna have some more of him, I'm not positive," Schaech told ComicBook.com.

In another recent interview, Schaech admitted that he has had some conversations with Warner Bros. TV about the idea of "Jonah Hex" spin-off series but that at present, they aren't in the market for a superhero Western. Still, he says, he believes it could be something special.


"I'd love to do a Jonah Hex TV series," Schaech said, describing his ideal version of it as "a hardcore, Deadwood-type Western -- something like Clint Eastwood would put together, like Unforgiven."

With the upcoming HBO Max streaming service set to launch in May, and the DC Universe app continuing as well, there are plenty of homes for a Jonah Hex series if it were to become a reality.