Lobo Gets Two Exclusive Funko Pop Figures

Beloved DC Comics bounty hunter Lobo is getting his own Funko Pop figure! Well two actually - and they're both Previews Exclusives.

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(Photo: TFAW)

For the most part Previews Exclusive Funko Pop figures are sold through comic book stores, but you can usually find them online at a select group of shops. Just don't expect to pick one up at your local Target. That having been said, TFAW is offering a deal on the two Lobo figures in this release. The "clean" Lobo Pop vinyl figure can be ordered here and the Lobo Pop figure that's covered in blood can be ordered here. Both figures are 10% off at the moment with a final pre-order deadline of October 9th. You can also find the figures up pre-order on Entertainment Earth.


If you don't plan on hunting them down at comic shops when they're officially released on January 31st, the pre-orders above are your best options to get them at a reasonable price. Jump on the figures while you can. If you're a really big Lobo fan, you might also want to check out the badass Lobo figure that Sideshow Collectibles recently released.