Lucifer Season 6: Who Is Rory?

The final season of Lucifer - for real this time - is finally here. On Friday, Netflix released the sixth season of the beloved series, giving fans ten last episodes to wrap up Lucifer Morningstar's story and find out what happens next for the devil after having won the throne of God in the Season 5 finale. Part of the "what's next" for Lucifer includes new challenges, something that series star Tom Ellis has previously discussed in terms of being careful what one wishes for, but part of that is also new people in his life, including a mysterious young woman named Rory (Brianna Hildebrand). Ahead of Season 6, Rory was shown in the trailer as being out to destroy Lucifer but who she is and why she's out to get the devil may just be the biggest challenge Lucifer has ever faced.

Warning: spoilers for the sixth and final season of Lucifer below.

Audiences are first introduced to Rory, she's gone down to Hell bent on destroying Lucifer and manages to enlist Dan's (Kevin Alejandro) help. Don't worry, Dan isn't actually helping Rory. He thought her bringing him to Earth would be a way to bring him back or at least get him closer to Heaven but it turns out, now he's just an intangible ghost. As for Rory, when she's finally face-to-face with Lucifer - or rather menacing wing to throat with the devil - she reveals that she's his daughter and that she's so angry with him because he abandoned her before she was born.

While this initially sends Lucifer and Chloe (Lauren German) on a hunt to try to find out if Lucifer inadvertently fathered any children with human women roughly 20 years ago, it turns out that Rory is Lucifer's future daughter with Chloe. Rory somehow managed to time travel to the present in a moment of distress to confront her father for never having been a part of her life. This comes as a shock to Lucifer, who insists he would never do to his own child what his father did to him and as the exact date of Lucifer's disappearance looms, the devil goes well out of his way to not only win his daughter over but avoid whatever fate it is that awaits him on the date he is supposed to vanish.

As one might guess, Lucifer's attempts to win Rory over are more than a little over the top and don't go especially well, but also provide him a way to delay his ascent to the throne of Heaven. Ultimately, however, not only do he and Rory come to love and understand one another, but she helps him find his true purpose - delivering on the idea of Lucifer finally becoming who he has long been trying to be, something showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich have spoken about previously.

"So much of Lucifer's story in Season 5 was maturing and growing up, and to Tom's point, there is so much to explore when you actually get to the moment where you think you're done, you think you've become the person you've been trying to become and that became really interesting to explore," Henderson said.

The sixth and final season of Lucifer is now streaming on Netflix.