Save 'Lucifer' Petition Crosses Over 200K Signatures

Fans of the FOX network's Lucifer were shocked when it was announced the series would end with its [...]

Fans of the FOX network's Lucifer were shocked when it was announced the series would end with its Season 3 finale, resulting in fans banding together on the internet to show networks their interest in the series. One of the ways in which they attempted to make their voices heard was by starting an online petition, which has since crossed 200,000 signatures calling for the show's revival at a new network.

The statement of the petition is quite simple, stating, "FOX cancelled Lucifer, a show loved by people AROUND THE WORLD! Lets get the show picked up by a better network like the CW, HULU, NETFLIX or AMAZON!"

There's no set goal for the petition, other than to accumulate a massive number of signatures to show a network how far its fanbase spreads. The series' showrunner, Joe Henderson, explained on Twitter following the cancellation that he'd hoped fans would heed the call and make their voices heard.

Henderson shared on Twitter, "For people asking what to do... MAKE NOISE. I have no idea if we have a shot of coming back, but I know sure as anything that everyone wants to. We have so many more stories to tell."

This strategy isn't unheard of, as last year saw the cancellation of Timeless, with fan uproar resulting in the show being picked up for 10 more episodes. Similarly, another beloved series on FOX, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, was canceled last week, yet days later it was picked up by NBC. These stories give Lucifer fans hope, though The CW has already confirmed it wouldn't be picking up the series.

"We have had no conversations about it whatsoever," network executive Mark Pedowitz explained on a call with press. "We're happy with what we have, and there's been no discussion about it. We've been focused on our own development."

What makes the cancellation all the more devastating is that the minds behind the show were so confident in getting another season that they ended Season 3 with a cliffhanger.

"We created a season finale with a huge cliffhanger so that there was no way Fox could cancel us," Henderson shared on Twitter. "Instead, we're going to frustrate the hell out of you fans. I'm so sorry for that."

Stay tuned for details on Lucifer's potential future.

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