Lucifer's Tom Ellis Might Release the Music He Plays on the Show

The music that Tom Ellis's Lucifer plays at the piano in Lucifer could soon be available to [...]

The music that Tom Ellis's Lucifer plays at the piano in Lucifer could soon be available to stream, as Ellis told fans at JIBLand, a multi-fandom convention staged by the organizers of Jus In Bello Italy. During his panel, Ellis was asked about the possibility of a soundtrack for the series, and answered by suggesting that there are no current plans for an official soundtrack, but that might mean an unofficial one is a good idea.

Warner Bros. TV has soundtracks for several of their comic book shows, most notably Riverdale, but several of them are released through specialty retailers in short runs rather than getting any kind of mainstream release. Fans picked up on Ellis's comments over on Reddit, posting the video above to a thread that cues it up to around 48 minutes in, when Ellis starts talking about the music.

"There is no official soundtrack for Lucifer," Ellis told the audience, adding that "A lot of people are asking will there ever be a release of all the songs you do on the show? So I think I'm going to take this into my own hands and see if we can do something about it. That seems to be the way these days. Now that we have Spotify and streaming and things, we might just record them and put them out there."

"Netflix really wanted to have Lucifer because they really love the show that we already had," Ellis explained at a convention appearance last year. "So we've been careful, we don't want to change our show too much because that's the show that people really liked. But there were certain restrictions that we had when we were on network television that meant that maybe we couldn't do as much as we wanted. So things like my bum, which I was never allowed to show before, and lots of people want to see it, really: there may be some bum shots this season.…There will be multiple bum shots, certainly after a scene we shot the other day."

"I also want to stress — I think one of the reasons people like our show is because it doesn't go all the way there." Ellis continued. "It's about suggestion, its' about getting away with it, it's about being cheeky and not vulgar, and we're still being careful that we aren't going to go into vulgarity. Everything's justified."

Lucifer's fourth season is currently streaming on Netflix. The fifth season has not yet been ordered, but series star Lauren German is out there banging the drum for it on social media already.