Margot Robbie Reveals Her Workout Routine For Suicide Squad

If you’re going to be playing a big-time baddie, you better have the brawn to pull off the role. [...]

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If you're going to be playing a big-time baddie, you better have the brawn to pull off the role. Margot Robbie clearly wanted to look the part when she signed on to play Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. I mean, her lithe physique and lean muscles could definitely take down any of The Joker's poor henchmen. So, now, trainer Andie Hecker has revealed the grueling workout routine which got the actress in-shape.

A former balley dancer, Hecker said she incorporated lots of pilate exercises and cardio into Margot's workout to tone the actress's full body. She would visit Suicide Squad's film set, training the actress anywhere for 2-3 hours where she helped Margot sculpt her body.

Describing which areas they worked on, Hecker said, "I was doing a lot of abs, but also full-body toning because that way, everything is pulling together and more calories are burned when you're working the entire body. We did a lot of personal training on the Pilates reformer, so more tension, higher reps."

And, specifically, Hecker explained how the pair worked especially hard to develop difficult exercises to shape Margot's torso and glutes. "Because of her costume, the butt was really important to focus on because the shorts were so short," the trainer said. "She had to look sexy and strong. For the glutes, we did heavier resistance and lower reps to work on building that muscle a little more. I included heavier ankle weights than I would normally give someone — I would give her 5-pound ankle weights. We'd do lower reps, so 20 leg lifts with that ankle weight on and then take a break to move on to the other leg to do another 20, making sure her glutes were doing it and not her hamstrings."

When asked about which exercise was Margot's favorite, Hecker answered easily, saying, "You mean the one she gets the least mad about? (Laughs.) I think that she likes things when she's on her back, holding on to the handles — moving the legs in variations, so knee tucks or keeping her legs up."

If you're looking to shape up these days and get into a fighting shape similar to Harley Quinn's, Hacker recommends people try at-home exercises such as planks. Praising their effectiveness, Hecker said the changeable exercise works multiple parts of the body and tones important muscles.

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