Mark Hamill Endorses The Joker Getting His Own Cereal

A piece of fan art marketing Joker Jacks cereal has found its way to iconic Joker voice actor Mark Hamill, and he is all for it.

Hamill, apparently, has forgotten the 1989 Batman movie, and what generally happens to members of the public who consume Joker-branded goods. But whatever.

While people are enjoying Hamill's enthusiasm, though, a lot of them are missing the #WhySoCereal? hashtag, which might be the best thing ever to happen on Twitter.

You can see his tweet below.

The cereal box appears to have originated in a Notes and Nerds story from 2014, in which they proposed four DC Comics cereals that they wished were real. Given DC's frequent partnerships with General Mills, the idea of them having a Kellogg's cereal might be the least likely part of the whole thing, though.

Fans have loved this piece of art so much that it is available to buy on products on Etsy, and has been photoshopped into things like fake '60s ads featuring the Adam West Batman. There is, then, little surprise that Hamill did not know when he tweeted whether it was real or who had created it.


While the product itself does not exist, we have to wonder: who will step up and provide Mark Hamill with the cut-out Batman mask he so covets?

That person will truly be the hero Gotham deserves.