David Mazouz Teases The Role of Martha Wayne on 'Gotham'

As Gotham nears its ultimate ending, the path to closure appears to be winding through the past of Bruce Wayne.

It was hinted at on social media that Brette Taylor would reprise her role as Martha Wayne -- a character she played in the series pilot and was killed off -- and confirmed yesterday by ComicBook.com during a set visit in Brooklyn.

WARNING: Potential Spoilers To Follow

While talking to the cast, David Mazouz was most forthcoming with what she will be doing in the final few episodes.

"Here's the thing with Martha, I'll say the essence of that character is used in a plot against Bruce," he said. "Obviously, given who Martha Wayne is to Bruce, it will be very emotional obstacle to overcome and it also will include very iconic elements with how he ultimately defeats the character that has put him up to that test."

While not quite a spoiler answer, it does lead to plenty of speculation that the Martha Wayne fans see will not be the real Martha Wayne -- especially if Bruce is forced to overcome her in some way.

It was also an answer that leads to a follow-up as to which character is pulling those strings, forcing Bruce to better what he believes to be his mother.

Mazouz was mum on that aspect of how the season will play out, just offering a wry smile and a, "you'll have to watch and see."

The photo that Taylor shared also featured Sean Pertwee (Alfred) and Cameron Monaghan (Jeremiah) -- which could just be three friends on a bench -- or it could be a hint as to who is in the scenes with one another.

In Season 4 it was established that that Jeremiah has several ties to the Wayne Family in the past. It is also a clear plot device that he is obsessed with Bruce.

In the formation of No Man's Land, Jeremiah has also gone out of his way to impress Bruce, while also putting everyone he loves in harms way. If this is an emotional test for Bruce to overcome, it could be another plot device for Jeremiah in his attempt to befriend Bruce, though ultimately push him towards becoming Batman.

There is currently no premiere date for the final season of Gotham, but it is expected to be in early 2019. The 10-episode season is expected to push the pace versus the previous four.

Executive Producer John Stephens said that fans will be on the edge of their seat, right away.


"It's like the starting gun goes on the first episode and it doesn't stop until the very end," he said. "A lot of really awful things happen in every single episode in order to drive all the story that we need to drive through and get everywhere into the places that we need to be by the end."