Watch Michael Keaton Spoil the Original Batman Plot Twist One Day Before the Film's Premiere

This month marked a very important anniversary in comic book movie history. June 19th was the 30th birthday of Tim Burton's Batman, which starred Michael Keaton in the titular role. In honor of this iconic film, Dave Itzkoff took to Twitter to share an old clip of Keaton promoting the movie on Late Night with David Letterman. However, the actor accidentally spoiled the movie's biggest plot twist: the Joker killed Bruce Wayne's parents. Currently, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland are considered the kings of accidentally spoiling comic book movies, but it turns out Keaton was the OG.

"What has he done to irritate you?," Letterman asks of the Joker.

"Bruce Wayne witnesses the murder of his parents as a kid," Keaton responds.

"And the Joker had done that," Letterman replies.

"Yeah, but he doesn't know it 'til later," Keaton explains. "I'm kind of blowing the plot here."

This caused the audience to groan, but Letterman joked, "Yeah, like nobody is gonna go see it now."

Many fans commented on the post, clearly loving the throwback video.

"Dancing with the devil by the pale moonlight right there," @mattpalmer1978 wrote.

"Imagine if Twitter was around when that happened," @shewrick added.

"You're assuming it wouldn't have crashed five times when Keaton was announced as Batman," @king_swoosh replied.

Although, this response from @8Bit_Otter was definitely the best:


Currently, Keaton is in production for two new films: King of the Jungle, which also stars Seth Rogen and follows the story John McAfee, and Imagine Agents, which is a dramedy from the director of Fist Fight.

Batman is currently available to rent or buy on Amazon.