New 'Gotham' Photo Reveals Jeremiah Looking More Like The Joker Than Ever Before

In a recent social media post, Gotham's Alfred Pennyworth seems to have tipped off what might be the final (?) form of Jeremiah, the latest character on the show to stand in for The Joker.

Producers have said that while they don't believe Jeremiah is the Joker, he and his brother Jerome lay the groundwork for the eventual Crown Prince of Crime to take up his role as Batman's primary antagonist.

The photo, which was apparently posted to Sean Pertwee's Instagram account before being taken down, shows Gotham's take on Batman, The Joker, and Alfred each catching up on a little light reading between takes.

As you can see, between the hairstyle, smile, and wardrobe, Jeremiah is looking more Joker-like than ever before -- right down to the striped pants and purple gloves.

Gotham is in its final weeks of shooting, which means that anything and everything coming out of the set at this point is not just a spoiler -- but something likely to really excite the fans. This post likely was never meant to go out -- but you could hardly ask for more attention than you get when one of the show's main stars tweets, and then deletes, behind-the-scenes imagery.

Just before Jerome died, he told Jim Gordon that he was so much more than a man. He's an idea, a concept. The spirit of madness will continue without Jerome walking the Earth. That's exactly the twisted foundation that the Joker himself is built on.

"Well, I think that just spawned the conversation of the idea of it, of the Joker not being a one person, but like I said, it's a personality," Cannon explained. "It's a way of thinking. It's more powerful than just one person. Therefore, that sparked the conversation of, if it's the opposite of good, the opposite of Bruce Wayne, is somebody who just wants to destroy, and wants to do it in a chaotic way, then that could be anyone, because you are literally just going the opposite of your main character and take it as far as you can go. I don't think that's just one person. I think that is a way of life, it's an ideology."


Gotham will return for its fifth and final season on FOX in 2019.