Pennyworth Season 2 Adds Five New Series Regulars

Season 2 of Epix’s Pennyworth is on the way and this time there are some new names along for the ride. Deadline reports that James Purefoy (Sex Education, The Following), Edward Hogg (Taboo, Harlots), and Jessye Romeo (In the Long Run, Curfew) are joining he cast for this season. Also noteworthy is the fact that Ramon Tikaram and Harriet Slater have been elevated to series regulars. Season 2 began production in the United Kingdom back in January at the Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden. This summer is the anticipated airing slot on Epix.

Purefoy will be Alfred’s former SAS Captain, Gulliver Troy. The officer is charismatic and brutish who goes full throttle in many different pursuits. Hogg’s character will be Colonel Salt, a killer who lulls potential enemies to sleep with his seemingly civil demeanor. Romeo is tapped to play Katie Browning, who’s life as an art student is uprooted by civil war.

Executive producers Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller talked to at San Diego Comic-Con last year about the plans for the series. Why exactly Alfred’s origin ended up looking like this was a constant question.

"I don't think DC has ever done '60s England before. We know what Metropolis was like then, we know what Gotham was like then, but we don't know what it was like across the Atlantic," Cannon said. "That was the great thing when we first started discussing the project, we started talking about what did London look like then. What's happened? Is history the same as it was in our history books or was it slightly different? What has advanced technology-wise? All of these questions were to create a world that these characters could fit into."

There have been numerous Alfreds on the screen now, and that can be a tough act to follow. But, Jack Bannon, the series star, isn’t concerned with living up to the comic version. He’s still trying to do Michael Caine proud in his turn though.


"Well, it's a daunting list of actors to join," Bannon explained in a previous interview. "But I look at it that I'm not following them because I'm earlier in the story, so they're following me. That gets me off the hook in my head. Bruno had written such a deep and complex version of him anyway, so the script was my bible really, rather than comics. He had some great ideas and we sort of came up with him together."

Pennyworth Season 2 gets rolling this summer on Epix.