Poison Ivy Writer Says Fans Will Be Pleased With Her Harley Quinn Romance

Poison Ivy has gone from being simply a Batman villain to one of the more complex characters in Gotham City. The Harley Quinn animated series and recent developments in the Batman Universe have nurtured a romantic relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, to the delight of the duo's loyal fanbase. Harley Quinn has constantly starred in her own solo series, but Poison Ivy is getting one of her own from writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Marcio Takara. The six-issue miniseries was announced as a part of DC's Pride celebration, and should make Harley-Ivy fans happy with the progression of their romance.

"This is in many ways a love story," Wilson told Entertainment Weekly. "I feel like that's not giving too much away because she says so on the very first page of the book. So I think fans of the Harley-Ivy romance will be pleased, because I think there's no question that her relationship with Harley is now the central, defining relationship of this character. Speaking of evolution, she's evolved out of being a straight-up villain whose sole job is to thwart Batman to someone who has her own identity, her own story arc, and her own individual relationships with other people in the Bat-verse completely independent of Batman and the Bat-family. I think that's really fascinating."

Wilson added: "They've both been through a lot. They've both had to suffer through being manipulated by people they trusted, and that's shaped a lot of their backstory, but neither one of them wants it to shape their future. I think both of them are actively trying to break out of past toxic relationships, and so they see really kindred spirits in each other. There's just a certain chemistry between them that I don't think anybody could necessarily have predicted, and that's what makes it fun."

Ron Funches, who voices King Shark on Harley Quinn, promises even more romance for Poison Ivy in Season 3. "I think people really fell in love with it and the fact of them getting together near the end of the season is a beautiful thing and just watching them grow together as a relationship, I think, is what you're going to see a lot in the next season," Funches explained to PopCulture.com.

You can check out the official solicitation for Poison Ivy #1 below, and let us know what you think about the miniseries in the comments!

  • Written by G. WILLOW WILSON
  • Cover by JESSICA FONG
  • Variant cover by WARREN LOUW
  • 1:25 variant cover by NICK ROBLES
  • 1:50 variant cover by FRANK CHO
  • 1:100 foil variant cover by WARREN LOUW
  • Team variant cover by DAN MORA
  • PRIDE variant cover by KRIS ANKA
  • $3.99 US | 32 pages | 1 of 6 | Variant $4.99 US (card stock)
  • ON SALE 6/7/22
  • Pamela Isley has been a lot of things in her life. A living god, a super-villain, an activist, a scientist, and dead. In a new body that she didn't ask for and with a renewed sense of purpose, Ivy leaves Gotham and sets out to complete her greatest work-a gift to the world that will heal the damage dealt to it...by ending humanity.
  • Spinning out of the pages of Batman, DC is proud to present the unbelievable next chapter in Poison Ivy's life by the incredible creative team of G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara. Featuring a stunning cast of variant cover artists, including Warren Louw, Frank Cho, Dan Mora, Nick Robles...and introducing main cover artist Jessica Fong!