Raven Gets a New Look on Upcoming 'Titans' Cover

Stjepan Sejic took to Twitter earlier today to share an upcoming cover to an issue of Titans, [...]

Stjepan Sejic took to Twitter earlier today to share an upcoming cover to an issue of Titans, featuring the team's post-No Justice lineup...and what appears to be a new look for longtime member Raven.

Raven, who had appeared on previous covers still wearing the most current version of her costume, now looks to have a somewhat less "goth" look to her, complete with pink highlights on her costume and in her hair, leaving the blue she is known for behind.

You can check out the full cover below.

It could be that this version of her look, like some of the adjustments to the team roster, is meant to bring the book into line with the upcoming Titans TV series set to debut soon on the DC Universe streaming service.

Sejic tweeted that he was releasing the cover because he believed it had been released already, but a Google Image search revealed only a number of false matches (apparently the search engine believes Miss Martian is Gamora!). ComicBook.com has reached out to DC for clarification.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Titans is one of the series that had been suspended pending the events of Justice League: No Justice, The Man of Steel, and Flash War, and will resume with a new creative team and new status quo in July.

The reinvented team includes Natasha Irons (going by the name of Steel) and Miss Martian, neither of whom have been big players in the time since The New 52. Natasha appeared in issues of Superwoman, which featured Lana Lang, whose boyfriend was Nat's uncle John Henry Irons (the other Steel).

Still no word on what happened to Wally West post-Flash War.

Per earlier solicitation text, the series will see the team facing down a "metagene pandemic," which will presumably be creating new and dangerous metahumans left and right, in the wake of the events of No Justice.

No word on what issue this might be a cover to; Sejic is listed as providing variants for at least #23 and #24, with Ryan Sook on main covers. Beyond that solicitations are not yet available, and as far as we could see, Sejic's variants for those two issues have not yet been released.