Rick Baker-Designed The Joker Bust For DC Collectibles Revealed

Having worked on films like An American Werewolf in London, The Ring andThe Wolfman, it's safe to [...]

Having worked on films like An American Werewolf in London, The Ring andThe Wolfman, it's safe to say that makeup legend Rick Baker knows a thing or two about horror. Baker has teamed up with DC Collectibles to bring to life one of pop culture's most horrifying villains: The Joker.

The limited edition bust is 1:1 scale and will be limited to only 200 copies. Baker designed, sculpted and painted the bust, which will be released this October. UPDATE: The bust is available to pre-order here.

the joker rick baker collectible bust 3
(Photo: DC Collectibles)

Actors like Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson and Jared Leto have all portrayed the villain in various films, yet they physically can't capture the disfigured and twisted grin of Batman's most famous foe.

"When DC Collectibles approached me about this project, I told them I was interested, but wanted complete control of the design," Baker shared with The Hollywood Reporter. "I figured they wouldn't go for it, but to my surprise, they said 'OK.' I insisted that I would need a proper amount of time to create the bust and their answer was, 'Take whatever time you need.' I asked if I could choose the character and they said, 'Fine.' I told them I wanted to make a version of The Joker that's never been done before,' and they replied, 'Sounds great.' I then said, 'You guys are just too difficult,' and left. [Laughs] Seriously though, I didn't expect DC Collectibles to keep their promises, but they did. I had a blast sculpting my version of The Joker and exploring his twisted and demented personality."

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(Photo: DC Collectibles)

"DC Collectibles is always seeking out interesting artists from different industries to bring their unique art styles to DC's popular characters, and we are thrilled to partner with Rick Baker on this sculpture," Jim Fletcher, executive director of DC Collectibles, shared. "From the disturbing eyes to the sinister smile, Rick did a masterful job capturing The Joker's psychotic demeanor."

Each bust will be individually numbered and be released through DC Gallery. Later this year, DC Gallery will also release a life-size replica of the Joker's cane and Two-Face's scarred coin.

The bust will be available for pre-order this afternoon.

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