Scott Adkins Addresses His Leaked Batman Audition Tape

Fans recently got a look at what could've been when a Batman audition tape from Scott Adkins hit the internet, and now the actor is responding to the leak.

Now, this audition was not for the upcoming role of Batman in Matt Reeves' new project, as Adkins reveals this was footage from 2013. That said, he's been pretty happy with the response overall.

"Scott Adkins here, last day of filming in Mexico, on Seized, and what I wanted to do was I thought I should get on social media and address this situation that's happened the past week with my audition for Batman, which has been leaked online," Adkins said on Instagram. "No idea how that happened but you know, it's happened. It's out there, nothing I can do about that now, but I just wanted to say, to be honest, I don't mind, because it's a good audition. Shows what I could've done with the part."

"It was an audition I did in 2013 when I was in China and the public response has been really positive, to be honest, so I appreciate that, but I think we all know they're not gonna let me play Batman, but maybe one day Hollywood will give me the opportunity that I deserve and I'll get to play a nice meaty part in a big Hollywood blockbuster, but until that day I will continue giving you top quality action films."

After mentioning some other projects he has coming up, which includes Triple Threat, Avengement, and The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud, he said: "appreciate the support, and let's be honest...we know who the real Batman is...I'm just kidding, see ya." That last line was given in his full Batman voice, and we have to say it's pretty damn compelling.

You can check out the full video above.

"My batman audition leaked online so wanted to set the record straight. Thank you to everyone who continues to support me, I really do appreciate it."

Now the most recent Batman actor Ben Affleck is stepping away from the role, and someone else will put on the cape and cowl for the upcoming Batman solo film. Hopefully we'll find out who that is in the coming months, but for now, let us know who you want in the part in the comments!



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