Shazam! Fury of the Gods Star Endorses Zachary Levi's Idea for Third Film

Shazam: Fury of the Gods was released in theaters this weekend, and despite some post-credit scenes that tease the future, it's unclear if this will be the last we see of the Shazamily. Director David F. Sandberg recently said that it could depend on the box office turnout, but if there is a third Shazam movie, the actors have some idea. Zachary Levi, who plays the titular hero, apparently pitched an idea to his co-star, Rachel Zegler (Anthea). During an interview with NME, Zelger talked about some potential threequel ideas. 

"I think it'd be cool to do this zombie plot that Zach is obsessed with," Zegler explained. "It's Evil Dead meets Superman meets Big, which doesn't sound like it should work, but I think it might." 

During the interview, Zelger also talked about relating to Levi's character in the first Shazam!

"I really found myself relating to Zachary Levi attempting to be his age, you know what I mean?" Zegler shared. "When you're in this industry and you're held to a certain standard, it can often feel like you're trying to catch up with the version of yourself that everybody has projected onto you. I constantly feel like I'm chasing after the girl who's on the cover of Elle magazine, rather than who I look at in the mirror every morning. It can be really difficult. But at the same time, it's cool to have aspirations to be yourself."

What Would Shazam! 3 Be About?

Warning: Shazam! Fury of the Gods Spoilers Ahead! Mister Mind was previously seen in the post-credits scene of the first Shazam! and the fan-favorite villain returned for the Fury of the Gods post-credits scene to once again speak with Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong). According to Sandberg, the character was supposed to play a bigger role in the movie, but he ended up getting cut. However, Sandberg would like to use the character more in the future. 

"Our original idea was actually to have Mister Mind and Sivana in this movie and to have that it was Mister Mind that enabled the gods to come here as part of a bigger plan, but it was just too much story to tell that because the movie's already over two hours long without it," Sandberg recalled. "We had to just have the gods show up this time, which I'd love to see more of Mister Mind, but maybe some other time."

"I would love to do something with Mister Mind, but it's more of just, since we know people who have seen the first movie will go like, 'Hey, what happened with the worm guy,'" the director continued. "We had to do a little check-in, it felt like, just to show that, no, he's still out there. He's still working on his plans. It just takes a little while."

"I certainly need a little bit of a break, having done two Shazam movies in a row, and it takes a lot of time and a lot of work," Sandberg concluded. "Right now I'm just like, 'Let's do a little horror movie, or something that's really quick and fun.'"

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is now playing in theaters.