Shazam! Fury of the Gods Star Zachary Levi and Black Adam Star Aldis Hodge Pose for New Photo

Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Black Adam are both currently in production in Atlanta, and while [...]

Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Black Adam are both currently in production in Atlanta, and while there has been no official word on any crossovers, many DC fans are expecting the movies to connect considering Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) is Shazam's (Zachary Levi) biggest foe. Recently, Black Adam's Alis Hodge, who is playing Hawkman, took to Instagram to share a photo with Levi. In the caption, he joked that they're going to have their own "Shazam VS. Hawkman" movie. The post may be a joke, but seeing the two actors together certainly has us hopeful for possible cameos and connections in each of their respective films.

"(Read this in movie announcer voice) In a world where two superheroes collide at Topgolf, an epic battle is on the horizon. Who will conquer? Who will meet defeat? Who will throw their back out trying to swing a golf club way too damn hard??? Coming to the big screen next summer, #Shazam VS. #Hawkman in 'Golf Is Life, Fa Real Tho,'" Hodge captioned the post. The photo caught the attention of The Rock, who commented, "I don't care if it's golf, cooking or haiku poetry - if you don't beat Shazam's ass - you're never flying the Hawk Cruiser again!!" You can check out the photo in the post below:

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Last year, Hodge revealed that he didn't believe The Rock when he initially got the call that he landed the role of Hawkman, and told The Hollywood Reporter that it felt like "winning the lottery."

"I had been very, very much looking forward to being a part of any kind of superhero universe," Hodge previously told THR. "I didn't care what it was for such a long time just because I had been such a fan. I grew up on graphic novels. I got into the business so I could earn money to buy Batman toys, you know? But as far as my pursuit of this kind of vehicle — for no particular character, but just any foot in the door — it had been many years. It was like 13 to 15 years of constantly going up to bat and getting told no.... So it really was a validation of those last few years of pursuit, hustle, and preparation. And for me, it was a real moment of disbelief."

Black Adam is currently scheduled to hit theatres on July 29, 2022, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods is expected to be released on June 2, 2023.