'Shazam!' Gets An Official PG-13 Rating

The upcoming Shazam! movie is officially rated PG-13 by the MPAA.

The rating comes as no surprise as Shazam! has been catering to audiences of all ages with its promotional materials. While producer Peter Safran admits elements like The Seven Deadly Sins from DC Comics will factor into the movie, allowing director David F. Sandberg to tap into his horror genre background, Shazam! will offer mostly enthusiastic and light-hearted fun for audiences.

"The mandate for us for the film was always just make the best movie possible," Safran told ComicBook.com. "There was never any attempt whatsoever to try and shoehorn it into any kind of existing storylines or universe, et cetera. You know, there was tremendous, tremendous freedom that they gave David in terms of how to make the movie. And I think that was one of the things that was appealing to him, was to take this story, tell this great origin story, this fun, action-packed, wishful film and make the best version of it that you can make."

Shazam! appears to be following Aquaman's lead in its isolated nature, despite being loosely connected to the overarching world of DC Comics heroes on the big screen. "[Warner Bros.] were incredibly supportive and I think it was certainly very helpful that, obviously it was developed at New Line which seems kind of outside of the DC world," Safran explained. "And then with Walter [Hamada] coming over to DC, he kind of brought everything full circle. And you know, they could not have been more supportive in terms of David's vision for the film. And I think the film really reflects that clarity of vision that he had from the get-go in terms of telling that great, wishful film and fun and funny story."


ComicBook.com visited the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, California earlier in February to get an exclusive look at the upcoming DC Comics movie. The footage was loaded with fun moments as Billy Batson discovered his powers as a means to telling a light-hearted origin story. None of the footage came close to exceeding PG-13 nature. Check out a full and thorough description of the estimated 20-minutes of footage by clicking right here!

The Shazam! movie is set to hit theaters on April 5.