Justice League Star Ray Fisher Calls for Release of the Snyder Cut With Another New Cyborg Photo

Despite two years having passed since the film was released, various members of the DC Extended Universe continue to push for the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League to be released, with Cyborg actor Ray Fisher sharing his support of the movement with another new photo of his character. With his role in the DCEU his most high-profile project to date, it's easy to see why Fisher would champion the release of director Zack Snyder's original vision of the film, with not only his personal connection to Snyder motivating him but also to send a message to Warner Bros. that they should find a way to make whatever footage exists available to fans.

It's difficult to deduce what might have been happening in the scene Fisher shared a glimpse of, other than Cyborg confronting Steppenwolf. In the years since Justice League was released, countless clues have been revealed teasing that Snyder's original vision for the film was drastically different from what audiences saw in theaters, while other sources close to the production claim there were minimal differences between the original project and the theatrical cut.

The DCEU launched with Man of Steel in 2013, with Snyder's perspective of iconic DC Comics heroes laying the foundation for the shared universe, yet with both the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad being major critical disappointments, audiences were apprehensive about what Snyder's Justice League would ultimately look like.

Sadly, Snyder stepped away from the production in the wake of a family tragedy, with Joss Whedon stepping in to not only complete production, but also helm reshoots. When Justice League finally landed in theaters, not only did it continue its critical disappointments of previous DCEU films, but it was also a financial disappointment, despite previous outings managing to make a major dent at the box office, even with their flaws.

With Justice League having already landed on home video, it's unlikely that Warner Bros. wants to harp on the project as it continues to move forward with successful franchises like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam!, yet that hasn't stopped fans, as well as members of Justice League's cast and crew, from regularly taking to social media to express their desires to see the release of the Snyder Cut. Complicating matters further is the status of the mythical version of the film's completion, with some sources claiming the cut is somewhat complete, while others note how little of it was completed or even shot.


Stay tuned for details on the DCEU.

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