'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Would Love To Do 'America Ninja Warrior' Again

Arrow star Stephen Amell made an impressive run when he participated in American Ninja Warrior on Red Nose day, and he's willing to do it again.

Amell was a guest at Salt Lake Comic Con over the weekend. During his panel, one fan asked about his American Ninja Warrior run and if he just "let go" at the end.

"First of all, I would like to thank whoever was in the audience last year who finally just made me do it and, you know, go for it," Amell said. "I let go at the end for a very simple reason. I could not feel my arms. These exercises in and of themselves are incredibly difficult, but when you put them back to back to back to back to back to back to back, oh boy. Cass will tell you for weeks afterward, it's not that my arms hurt, its that they ached, you know what I mean?"

Amell completed all six obstacles in the standard American Ninja Warrior course but then pushed himself further, climbing the city finals course's salmon ladder, which is a signature exercise from training montages on Arrow. Amell tried to push even further than that but was forced to drop into the water below while trying to get past the next obstacle.

Even though he was sore for weeks after his last American Ninja Warrior appearance, Amell says he'd still love to give it another run.

"I would love to go back and do Ninja Warrior again, but really, we did that taping in March and then we got into our hiatus and I didn't really get back into really good fitness workout until a couple of weeks ago because I hurt myself," he said. "But we'll see. If they would have me, I would love to go back. That would be really fun."

Meanwhile, Amell will be suiting back up as Green Arrow when Arrow returns to the CW for its sixth season on October 12, 2017.

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