'Arrow's Stephen Amell Says 'The Flash' Is His Favorite Series to Crossover With

The stars of The CW's Arrowverse are used to hopping the fence to have some fun crossing over into [...]

The stars of The CW's Arrowverse are used to hopping the fence to have some fun crossing over into one another's shows— but which type of crossover is the most fun? Well, according to Arrow star Stephen Amell, his favorite crossover opportunity is when the Arrow gang gets to play with Team Flash!

Amell was doing an interview with Michael Rosenaum's Inside of You podcast, and explained the whirlwind process of filming Arrowverse crossovers. As Amell explained, having to keep track of each scene as Oliver Queen / Green Arrow across three different show sets can be very daunting, as an actor and performer. He's somewhat critical of the fact that each show prioritizes their own cast, even when other characters may be the lead of the crossover episode; however, Amell also conveyed how much fun the crossover process can be:

"Flash is my favorite show to go to, because there's something special about doing scenes with Grant. I just love doing scenes with him, there's just something about [that dynamic]..." he said.

It's true that the Oliver Queen / Barry Allen scenes are some of the best crossover moments of anything in the Arrowverse. Barry's naive fanboyish cheer is a great foil for Oliver's dark and brooding funk — and at times, when that dynamic has gone topsy-turvey (Barry as the defeated idealist, Oliver as the hardened mentor), it's equally as good. The pair of actors have truly established their own DC superhero bond that echoes the Batman/Superman dynamic. It's pretty much the epicenter of the Arrowverse, so it's good to hear that Amell values it so greatly.

The next Arrowverse crossover will arrive in December, and will center around the introduction of Kate Kane / Batwoman to the Arrowverse, and introduce Superman to the rest of the Arrowverse heroes. Batwoman will be played by Ruby Rose, who will then step out into her own Batwoman solo series. Meanwhile, Amell is gearing up for what may be his most brutal Arrow performance yet: season 7 will see Oliver Queen locked in Super Max prison, alongside all kinds of heinous criminals whose lives he made hell. Needless to say, Oliver will have a brutal time of it, trying to stay alive behind bars.

Arrow season 7, which is titled "Inmate 4587," will debut on Monday, Oct. 15th, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.