Stephen Amell Schools Troll On Instagram

Stephen Amell called out an Instagram troll for making childish comments about Amell's [...]

Stephen Amell called out an Instagram troll for making childish comments about Amell's relationship with his wife, Cassandra Jean Amell, and fans are, unsurprisingly, loving it.

Amell recently posted a "happy anniversary" post, featuring a photo of himself kissing his wife and captioned "6 years. Same beach. One kid. Bigger feelings. Happy anniversary, Cass." A troll replied to the image with the observation that s/he had never seen Amell post that he loves his wife.

"I hope whatever made you post this gets better," Amell replied. "Because you sound like a f---ing a--hole."

(When he's right, he's right.)

[No spoilers]This is what happens when you call out the Green Arrow from r/arrow

It is not clear whether this person posted only to get a rise out of Amell (if so...umm...good job, I guess?), or for some other reason.

Some fans in the Reddit comments suggested that the user might be one of a small number of fans who "ship" Amell with his Arrow co-star Emily Bett Rickards in real life. This is a distinct group from Olicity shippers, who back the show's canonical relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, although obviously it is difficult to imagine a "Stemily" shipper not also shopping Olicity.

Amell is constantly visible on social media, and generally gregarious and interactive with fans, although he seems to have less hesitation than most celebrities to drop the hammer on particularly offensive posts. If you Google "Stephen Amell fires back," it will get you some solid entertainment.

It is also worth noting that Amell posts photos of and things about his wife and daughter often, and in most cases is unmistakably affectionate. We can't claim to know every word he has ever written about his family online (and if you can -- maybe look into that, yeah?), but the notion that he does not care about the wife he constantly praises and theoretically vouched for when she got a gig on Arrow this month...well, it seems more than a little bit farfetched.

While there is generally a subset of fans who lash out at celebrities for defending themselves, most of the responses to Amell's takedown seem positive. So...maybe don't do that? Because when he comes for you, nobody on the internet is gonna have your back.

Arrow returns in January. The series airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.