Stephen Amell Teases Fun 150th Episode Of Arrow

The dour and violent tone of Arrow's recent prison arc will be lifted at least a little bit in the second half of the season, as coming off of the fanservice of the "Elseworlds" crossover, it seems like Oliver Queen will be in a little bit better mood.

That's according to tweets from various people involved in the series, including star Stephen Amell, who are teasing a lighter, more "fun" 150th episode.

The hundredth episode, which aired during the crossover two years ago, took stock of the series by implanting Oliver into a simulated alternate reality in which all of his "dreams" came true and he was preparing for his marriage to Laurel amid a wildly different world than the real one.

The Flash celebrated their recent hundredth episode by sending Barry and his daughter back in time, and compositing Grant Gustin's hero into various scenes from old episodes.

More than just "fun," though, the tweets seem to tease a version of the series that is entirely different from what came before. The joke here might just be that the previous 149 episodes trended toward dark and moody, but it seems bigger than that, as both the current showrunner (Beth Schwartz) and former showrunner/consulting producer Marc Guggenheim chimed in:


At this point, almost anything is fair game. Arrow is dealing with flash-forwards this season instead of flashbacks, while Oliver has gone from being in prison to getting out and joining up with the Star City Police Department in an official capacity.

Arrow returns in January. The series airs its new episodes at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Monday nights on The CW.