Stephen Amell Won't Wrestle Again Until Arrow Is Done

Arrow has opened up a lot of doors for Stephen Amell in its seven season run so far. The actor has [...]

Arrow has opened up a lot of doors for Stephen Amell in its seven season run so far. The actor has branched out into roles for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, started a wine company, and headed up a "F--- Cancer" initiative to raise money in an effort to defeat breast cancer. However, he also launched himself into a wrestling career, however short-lived in may have been after a couple of WWE matches. Going forward, Amell's career as a professional wrestler may only be behind him temporarily as he might head over to AEW when Arrow's final season concludes its productions.

"For those of you who don't know, Cody [Rhodes] was one of the prisoners on Arrow this year)," Amell said during a panel a MegaCon. "First of all, it was amazing to work with Cody. As much of a fan of wrestling as I am, he's a fan of acting. He really threw himself in the idea of being a part of this and having him up there, we didn't get to hang out as much as I wanted, because obviously I'm very busy when I 'm up there. Having him up there was great. If you don't know, he started All Elite Wrestling, which is a new promotion. It's gonna be on TNT, this fall."

Amell might not make to AEW's cable debut but he might be a part of the brand after that. "I'm not gonna be be doing any wrestling until -- is my wife here? I'm not gonna be doing any wrestling, honey!" Amell joked. "No, I might do something again with him but not until I'm done with the show."

He does have a good reason for the wait, though. He previously delayed production on Arrow as a result of the wrrestling efforts. "I don't want to have to send an e-mail to Greg Berlanti, who is ithe most prolific producer in the history of television at this point, Marc Guggenheim, who is one of our executive producers, Beth Schwartz, who is our showrunner this year, Todd Pittson, who is our production manager, James Bamford, who is our producing director and director of Episode 7x07," Amell explained. "Rright before Episode 7x07, I wrestled Christopher Daniels and I fractured my hip. There was nothing to be done. It couldn't get any worse, it could just not heal as fast, and we had to do the most stunt-heavy episode of the show. I had to send a note going, 'I know I'm an idiot, don't treat me any differently, this is on me. Apologies.' I don't want to have to send that note again. So, until I'm done with the show, I'm staying out of the squared circle."

Arrow's upcoming season is heading into production now. It will likely continue through the fall. The show's eight and final season will begin airing this fall on the CW.