Suicide Squad Has Apparently Passed $600 Million at the Global Box Office

DCEU villains Suicide Squad box office
(Photo: Warner Bros. , DC Entertainment)

Has Warner Bros.'s DC Comics supervillain team-up Suicide Squad earned $600 million at the global box office already?

According to filmmaker David Ayer it has.

While Box Office Mojo and other industry tracking sites so far have the film at around $585 million, Ayer took to Twitter to thank fans for helping to make the film a success.

Funny enough, staffers had been discussing the movie and said that the $600 million mark was likely where Warner Bros. would consider it a hit internally. So that's likely a cause for celebration.

The film opened huge, then plunged in its second weekend, but overseas numbers have been fairly consistent and even in the U.S., its decline leveled off, allowing Suicide Squad to win three consecutive weekends at the domestic box office. The film could plausibly gross about the same amount of money that Man of Steel did before it's done with its theatrical run at this point.


The film isn't expected to get a fourth weekend in a row; it's on pace to make around $10 million this weekend, good for a second-place showing behind incoming horror movie Don't Breathe.

Readers of this site have been pretty kind to Suicide Squad so far, with over 2,000 of you rating it an average of 4.3 stars -- the third-best score of any superhero movie of all time. Where do you fall on Suicide Squad?