'Supergirl' EPs Tease a Lex Luthor Fans Will "Go Crazy" For

Perhaps the most exciting thing fans of The CW's Supergirl have to look forward to this season is [...]

Perhaps the most exciting thing fans of The CW's Supergirl have to look forward to this season is the introduction of the iconic villain Lex Luthor into the Arrowverse and according to showrunners Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner, actor Jon Cryer will bring a version that fans will go "crazy" for.

In a recent interview with Variety, Queller and Rovner opened up about Cryer's work as the villain, assuring audiences that the actor who is best known for his comedy work can more than pull off the role.

"Epic," Rovner said of Cryer's performance. "He's so incredibly talented. His dramatization of Lex is grounded and emotional."

"Hilarious," Queller added. "In our estimation he's the best Lex Luthor ever. We might be biased, but he's the most masterful actor. He's just exhilarating as Lex. I can't overstate how thrilled we are with him."

The announcement that the villain would be appearing on Supergirl came last October with Cryer's casting being announced roughly a month later. At the time, Rovner and Queller indicated that Cryer had long been their top choice for the role as well as the fact that his joining the series marked the latest bit of legacy casting to Supergirl. Cryer notably played Lenny Luthor in Superman IV, though his Lex Luthor is slated to be very different than Lenny.

"It's a different side of him I don't think the audience has seen; I think they know him in much more different roles," Rovner said of Cryer. "He has fully embraced being Lex Luthor, and it's transformative."

How transformative? Queller says fans will go crazy for the performance.

"He's powerful, he's devious, he's funny, he turns on a dime," Queller said. "His dynamic with Katie [McGrath, who plays his on-screen sister,] Lena, is just so great. We think the audience is going to go crazy when they see his performance."

Cryer will make his debut on Supergirl on March 17, in the episode "O Brother, Where Are Thou?" which will see Lex attempt to black Lena into helping him out -- even going to the lengths of leveraging the of one of her friends. That certainly sounds like just the sort of devious tactics Lex Luthor would be up to, but as Rovner told ComicBook.com in a previous interview, the various story arcs that have made up Supergirl's fourth season -- The Elite, the Children of Liberty, and Red Daughter -- will all start coming together and Lex may have some part of that.

"I think what's great about the second half of the season is that we've laid a lot of different stories at the beginning half of the season," Rovner said. "We create some more, but all our stories dovetail by the end of the season, so that everything's been done by design and they're all on a collision course into what we hope will be a very exciting and a resolution."

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Supergirl airs Sunday nights at 8p.m. ET on, before episodes of Charmed, on The CW.